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At Gutter Maintenance Durham, we take pride in offering a safe, environmentally friendly service of the finest quality and attention. We provide all of our services throughout Durham and the nearby areas. We strongly suggest that you have your gutters checked twice a year. Gutter cleaning is essential for your home’s safety and to avoid roof damage and costly repairs.

We guarantee that all of our services will be of the greatest quality. We also provide competitive pricing. If you don’t check your gutters on a regular basis, you could encounter a variety of issues. Your home may have blocked drains, moisture, or mould.

Your gutters keep your roof clean, but how often do you clean them? Your gutters may need cleaning depending on the tree cover and environment around your property. The most crucial reasons to maintain your gutters on a regular basis are twofold: damage prevention and pest infestation prevention.

Importance of Gutter Maintenance in Durham

Avoiding Damage

A clogged gutter can cause significant harm that extends beyond minor floods. If left unchecked, the extra water will overflow onto your roof, causing leaks and decay. The fascia, or protecting board behind your gutter, can also be damaged, leading to further problems. The foundation of your home may be harmed as well, since enough water can build cracks in it, putting your entire property at risk. In addition to structural damage, your landscaping may be subjected to so much water that the greenery gets drowned, believe it or not.

Invasion of Animals

Aside from causing damage, a clogged gutter can provide a new home for unwanted animals. The mounds of leaves and twigs could provide a wonderful new habitat for birds. Bees may conclude that a filthy gutter is a good location for a new colony, while mosquitoes will find it an ideal shelter and breeding ground. Squirrels and other rodents may be enticed to build nests in your gutters and get access to your attic and walls. Worst of all, mould can grow in damp leaves, which can be dangerous.

Gutter Maintenance Schedule

The frequency with which you should maintain your gutter is determined by external circumstances. Your gutters will benefit from a cleaning every four to six months if your home is surrounded by green trees or the environment is prone to thunderstorms. If your downspouts become clogged, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to clear them out. Installing leaf protectors is another option to explore. It won’t completely eliminate the need for maintenance, but it will reduce the frequency. Leaf guarded gutters can be cleaned once a year to three times a year.

Why you should choose Mike Harris Gutter Maintenance Durham

Our engineers have extensive experience with both residential and commercial buildings. As a result, we can provide our knowledge regardless of your property. We use strong vacuum cleaners to ensure that your gutters are fully cleaned.

Gutter Maintenance Durham is a well-established company that offers economical gutter cleaning and maintenance services. Our employees are all completely trained and competent. This means we can provide you with a quick, courteous, and efficient service.

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