Gutter Repair

Gutters are a critical part of your house, one that must be properly maintained and looked after. Despite this, many people neglect their gutters, and this leads to them becoming blocked, leaky or damaged. Such malfunctioning gutters are not only an eye sore, but they can also cause serious damage to your properties appearance and structural integrity as patched of moss can develop on the outside and on the inside, damp patches or patches of mould can develop, significantly affecting your quality of living and potentially your health. Luckily, Mike Harris Guttering Services is here to help. We service any and all gutters at a moments notice, specialising in emergency situations and same day service, all to ensure that your gutter problem is fixed as soon as possible.

Despite being experts at gutter cleaning, we also undertake gutter repairs. This can be as simple as fixing a joint between two sections of guttering or simply reattaching a loose section, all the way to replacing your entire guttering with the latest guttering available on the market. We also undertake any work related to downpipes. Of course, all throughout our cleaning and repair service, we do our utmost to be as accurate and precise as possible and we leave behind no mud, no moss and no leaves, to leave you with beautiful gutters straight away. Mike Harris Guttering Services aims to save you from the hassle of going up a ladder and working at heights that you are potentially uncomfortable at.

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