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Gutters are an important component of any roofing system. It is critical to keep them in good working order. Ineffective maintenance and care can result in not just costly repairs, but also catastrophic harm to your house and business. Gutter repair is provided by Mike Harris Gutter Maintenance Basingstoke. Our skilled team will come to your property, assess the state of your guttering system, and offer you an appropriate repair solution.

To many people, guttering may seem irrelevant, however, gutters are a crucially important aspect of your property and without proper fully functioning gutters, your property is much more susceptible to water damage. Water damage can take many forms, from green moss growing on the outside of your property where water runs down the walls, or damp patches and mould inside your house.

The main challenge with guttering is keeping them properly maintained so that small issues do not spiral and become massive repair bills. Mike Harris carries out any and all work related to guttering, downpipes and even fascia. We can clean, clear, repair or maintain. We leave behind no mess or organic matter.

Our guttering experts can provide a variety of gutter repair services to ensure that your UPVC gutters are effectively draining water away from your roof.

At Mike Harris Gutter Maintenance Basingstoke we guarantee quality

Many individuals often disregard their senses, ignoring any difficulty or problem they may be having. Your gutter, like any other portion of your home, wears down with time and is susceptible to breaking, becoming blocked, or leaking, especially if it has not been properly maintained and cared for. What’s strange is that if it were their window or door that was leaking, people would replace it right away, but many gutters are left leaking for years, which may lead to water coming into your home and creating damp spots and mould to spread throughout your home. Preventative actions should be taken to ensure that your guttering is always in good operating order.

We guarantee to offer you the best maintenance service available. We believe in the personal touch because we are a small, family-owned business.

We promise that you will be satisfied with our service. Our engineers are highly motivated and will give you prompt, courteous, and professional service. There are no hidden fees or charges, and the price we offer is the amount you pay.

We are the firm for you, regardless of your demands or property. It is critical to keep your gutters clean in order to avoid mould, wetness, and flooding on your property.

What is Guttering?

Guttering is used to channel rainwater from your roof into a downpipe taking it to ground level and then into a drainage system. Your guttering stops the walls of your property from growing saturated and further developing problems from dampness. This is where our gutter repairs come in. Our team will be able to react quickly and effectively to ensure that your existing guttering is repaired, or should it be needed, provide you with an effective guttering system so that you can rest assured that your gutter will be in good condition for many years to come.

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About Basingstoke

Basingstoke has a rich history reaching back to the Roman era and beyond, as well as the finest of what a modern town has to offer. From street cafés and bistros to Festival Place, one of the top shopping complexes in the south, Basingstoke has a lot to offer tourists.

The Anvil is a renowned music venue in the region, with superb acoustics, and Anvil Arts presents an interesting and diverse programme of dance, theatre, opera, and comedy. Basingstoke also hosts the yearly kite and transit festivals, as well as the music festival B LOVE, which concludes the annual arts and entertainment event Basingstoke Festival.

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