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Welcome to Mike Harris Gutter Clearing Redditch, the local solution to all your gutter troubles. We are a team of professional gutter technicians that have been providing high quality gutter services to commercial and residential properties in Redditch and its surrounding areas in the West Midlands. The services we provide include gutter clearing, gutter unblocking, gutter replacement, and gutter repair. If you would like to find out more about our services or to book a free gutter assessment give our Redditch office a call today. A trained gutter technician will come to you to provide you with a no obligation plan and quote. Furthermore, you can be sure that you will get the best price possible in the area and we will beat any other quote should you find a better one.  

Gutter Clearing Redditch- are your gutters blocked? 

Your gutters are most likely clogged if you detect any leaks in your house, whether on the ceiling or walls. The most typical symptoms that your gutters need to be cleaned are foundation movements, damaged walls, and the growth of mildew and moss (which causes a foul odour). If you notice small plants growing along your downspout or around a specific area, this indicates that the gutter is clogged with water. 

Gutter cleaning should be a planned activity that takes place when you realise your gutters are clogged. You can also get professional advice on when to clean your gutters based on your home, gutter system, and weather. 

Gutter clearing ensures that your house remains healthy and does not face any issues when It comes to rainwater. A good running gutter system will not lag and will be clear. If you live in a place that faces a lot of rainfall, it is important that you consider talking to a professional about the frequency of cleans required per year.  If you live in an area that has a lot of vegetation and experiences a lot of leaf fall and foliage, you might get a lot of dry gutter waste that needs to be cleaned at least twice every year. On the other hand, if your area experiences a lot of rainfall on top of the foliage, you might need to get your gutters cleaned two to three times every year, especially after autumn and before spring as well as after and during winters. This will ensure that your gutter system remains healthy. If you live in an area where there is not a lot of rainfall, then you might only need to get them cleaned once every year.  


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Gutter repairs and replacements Redditch  

Here at Mike Harris we understand the distress that comes with having damaged gutters that are not draining your property correctly. This can lead to water damage to the property that can ultimately devalue it. If your gutters have become damaged and you need our services, we have a mainly same day availability for all our services, including gutter repair and replacement. We are able to repair or replace parts of your gutters or down pipes to get things draining again. If the damage is too big or the gutters are too worn out, a full replacement is more favourable. We stock a variety of durable PVC gutters that can withstand the harsh UK weather throughout the year.   

Keeping Redditch gutter in top condition  

Mike Harris Gutter Clearing Redditch has been providing its services to the local Redditch and all its surrounding areas. We are very glad to be able to serve such an interesting place as Redditch that has a lot of things to offer its inhabitants and visitors. These things include several historical sites such as the remains of a medieval moated settlement called Moons Moat, The National Needle Museum as well as the ruins of the 11th century Bordesley Abbey. Everyone will be able to find something in Redditch. Leave the gutter servicing to us, click here


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