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At Mike Harris Gutter Clearing we are equipped to deal with a variety of gutter problems in Livingston area. These include services like professional gutter cleaning, gutter unblocking, gutter replacement, and gutter repair. Our gutter technicians will work around the needs of your property, both residential and commercial, as well as your own preferences. They are equipped with the right tools to deal with even the most stubbornly dirty and blocked gutters or to provide you with a comprehensive and professional gutter repair or replacement service. We provide mostly same day gutter evaluation appointments to all our customers through our entire range of services. To book your free gutter evaluation and to receive your corresponding quote, call our Livingston office today.   

Gutter clearing in Livingston   

Here at Mike Harris gutter clearing in Livingston we find it incredibly important to convey the importance of regular gutter cleaning. We all know that regularly servicing our cars is important in their maintenance. This attitude should also be applied to gutter cleaning. It should form part of your regular annual home maintenance in order to maintain adequate drainage. Most properties require at least an annual gutter clean and in places where there is more greenery this may have to be more often. This is because things like leaves, moss, mud, and other objects, such as toys, build up in the gutters over the years. These can weigh down on your gutters causing damage or be washed into your downpipes which can eventually block them. Both these scenarios require more extensive and more expensive gutter services. This can be prevented by booking a free gutter evaluation with Mike Harris Gutter Clearing Livingston.  

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In addition to our gutter clearing services, we are also specialised in providing gutter repair and replacement. We have a lot of experience working on different properties in different areas, so we know how to repair or replace gutters in a way that provides optimal drainage to your property. We mainly use high quality durable PVC gutters that are able to handle the higher than average rainfall that is found in the UK. In addition to this, our gutter technicians can replace any old cast iron gutters with gnu PVC ones that will not rust or creak and windy weather.   

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Mike Harris Gutter Clearing Livingston has been servicing gutters and making customers happy in Livingston in all its surrounding areas for a long time now. Livingston is a great place for those who like to enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors. There are two main parks Stockwood and Wardown which both have museums on offer for those interested and learning something new. For those who are more fascinated by animals, there is the Whipsnade Zoo which is the largest zoo in the UK. It is evident that there is something for everyone in Livingston.

Livingston is the second largest community in the Lothians, after Edinburgh, which is Scotland’s seventh largest city, with a population larger than Perth, Stirling, or Inverness. Not bad for a place that was open farmland surrounding a fairly ancient village on the road between Edinburgh and Glasgow until 1962.

What was originally called as “Livingston New Town” started being known as Livingston for some time, after six decades of extraordinary growth. Livingston was the fourth of the Scottish new towns established in the years following WWII to help absorb overspill from Glasgow’s densely crowded city centre. It was by far the most successful.

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