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The gutters that surround your roof are critical to the overall functionality of your roof in terms of how effectively rain is carried away from your home before it causes damp problems caused by penetrating water and dampness. Mike Harris Gutter Clearing Halifax can help you right now.

During storms and showers, rain hits your roof and travels down it, eventually flowing into your gutters as it reaches the eaves. The water then flows through horizontal guttering sections until it reaches a downpipe, where it is discharged into your existing surface water drainage system.

It’s possible to use a specialised surface water drain, a soakaway, or even a rainwater collection system.

Rainwater can easily find its way down onto the external walls and into the foundations of your home if the guttering fails at any point during the above process, and if the walls are not adequately protected or are damaged, rainwater can find its way into the cavity and then in through internal walls, causing damp and mould. Water can also overflow and leak onto your exterior walls if your gutters become clogged with leaves and other debris, causing blockages. With this in mind, I’m sure you realise how important guttering is to your home’s overall weatherproofing, and how important it is to keep it in good working order to avoid damp issues.

How Often Should Gutter Clearing Halifax happen?

The length of time between gutter cleanings is determined by a variety of factors, including where you live and what surrounds your home.


Clean them at least twice a year, once at the end of spring and once at the end of autumn. The main reason for this is that in the spring, flowers and trees release a large number of seeds and pollen, which can accumulate in gutter runs. Because this process slows down toward the end of the spring, you’ll want to clean them sooner rather than later because you’ll have to clean them again in about a month.

This is particularly true in the fall, when the leaves and other greenery begin to fall. If your home is surrounded by trees, clean your gutters when they are completely bare to ensure that as much leaf matter as possible has been removed.

Obviously, this is only a rough guide. You’ll need to clean your gutters right away if there’s a lot of rain and water flowing over them in the early spring! Rain and wind can be found in almost every part of the United Kingdom, particularly in the north.

Large amounts of rain combined with strong winds can easily remove moss from your roof and blow leaves off trees, so clean your gutters three to four times a year if this is the case where you live.

Mike Harris Clearing Gutters Halifax Ladder Security

Gutter cleaning is not a pleasant task in the least. It’s a filthy, smelly, and sometimes unpleasant job. Unless you have a bungalow or a single-story home, you’ll be cleaning gutters on a two-story property, which requires working at heights. If you are not comfortable working at heights, please hire an expert instead. Most gutters are attached to fascia boards, which are then attached to the eaves, or the part of the roof that extends beyond the walls. In this situation, accessing your gutters from a ladder can be difficult and dangerous because you will have to lean to get a good view of your gutter.

To avoid any potentially dangerous leaning, always use a ladder stay or ladder standoff. These extremely important pieces attach to the top of your ladder and then rest on the exterior wall of your home, pushing the ladder away from the wall and allowing easy access to your gutters and roof.

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