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At Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Stafford we pride ourselves on delivering the number one gutter cleaning service in the area. Irrespective of your property we are completely equipped to present our services. There are a number of problems you could face with blocked gutters. Including structural damage, mould or wet rot. Therefore it is important for you to get your gutters cleaned.

Further, we use powerful vacuum units and lightweight poles at Gutter Cleaning Stafford to ensure we clear your gutters thoroughly. Therefore allowing us to clean gutters of a height up to 60ft without any ladders.

Top-quality equipment

Our powerful vacuum units are created using an engineering grade wet vacuum cleaner. Which are attached to poles which allow us to lift any leaves, moss and debris from the gutters easily. Additionally, to make sure our fitters provide the highest quality service we have cameras mounted at the top of the poles. Therefore the worker can monitor the video and present a precise clean effectively, quickly and safely.  Statistics show that one of the greatest risks in industrial fatality rates is working from heights. However, thanks to our vacuum units we present a safer alternative.

Why Do Buildings Need Gutters?

  • Gutters depict rainwater from roof surfaces guiding it safely to drainage
  • Gutters prevent water damage to the internal and external structures of the building
  • Further, gutters prevent flooding to the immediate perimeter of the building
  • Gutters keep the outer fabric of the building clean (otherwise they would be continually dirty from debris washed from the roof)
  • Gutters prevent you from getting soaked when using the entrances/exits of buildings
  • Gutters, both national and industrial, are the first line of defence to avert damage to foundations

Why have your gutters cleaned professionally?

Blocked gutters can cause leaks, which in turn can cause damp and structural damage to the building. Further, routine cleaning allows for maintenance checks, so any harm can be repaired before it becomes an issue.

Gutters can become jammed with moss, decaying leaves, insects, bird droppings, or even dead animals, so it’s vital for your premises’ sanitation to remove any such problems as soon as possible.

Further, we clean your gutters inside and out, guaranteeing that they are a practical and visually pleasing part of your building, adding to the specialized atmosphere for customers staying your premises.

Hiring a professional firm such as Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Stafford ensures that appropriate health and safety procedures are monitored, which is essential when working at height or dealing with unsanitary blockages.

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  • Harry Hutsby (1886 in Stafford – 1971) joined Stoke F.C. in 1908 from local side Stafford Wednesday
  • Bill Aston (1900 in Hopton – 1974) racing driver, participated in three World Championship Grands Prix
  • Joe Hulme (1904 – 1991) English footballer and cricketer, played 333 times for Arsenal F.C. and 225 times for Middlesex as an aggressive middle-order batsman and medium-fast bowler.
  • Walter Robins (1906–1968) cricketer and footballer. He was one of Wisden’s Cricketers of the Year in 1930.
  • Brian Little (born 1953) former Aston Villa player and manager lives in the town.
  • Nigel Callaghan (born 1962) professional footballer with Aston Villa, Derby County and Watford, lives and DJs in the town.
  • David Fell (born 1964), cricketer
  • Phil Robinson (born 1967) Recruitment Manager at Manchester City, former footballer, with 567 pro appearances mainly for Notts County, Huddersfield Town, Stoke City, Hereford United and Stafford Rangers.
  • Chris Birchall (born 1984), footballer, scored 21 goals in 322 appearances in a 16-year professional career, and scored four goals in 43 international matches,

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