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Here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Sittingbourne, we know how important guttering it is, and the vital role that it plays in keeping your home in top condition. But often, people who don’t know what it does, can ignore and neglect it, but this is extremely dangerous. When gutters go ignored, they can quickly fill up with dirt and debris which means that they will be blocked, and when this happens, they will overflow if it rains, leading to water pouring down the side of your home, and water permeating the walls. This causes mould and damp to develop which can negatively impact your health, the structural integrity of your home as well as its market value. But don’t fear, this is where Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Sittingbourne can help, as we are the industry leaders for all kinds of gutter services in the Sittingbourne area. 

Why choose Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Sittingbourne?

We have continued to improve and revolutionise the world of gutter cleaning throughout the years that we have been operating. Unlike other companies that have hidden and malicious call-out fees, we give you free, no-obligation quotes before the work is carried out so that you know exactly how much you are paying before we carry out the work. And furthermore, after the work is down, our expert gutter specialist will provide you with a fully itemised receipt so that you know exactly what you paid for, as well as before and after photos so that you can see how big of a difference our service makes. If you are not trained and qualified like our gutter specialists are, it is very dangerous to go up to such heights as is required for gutters, and it is difficult to do, so if you get Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Sittingbourne in, you are saving yourself the hassle.

What can Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Sittingbourne do for you?

We have a massive range of gutter services that we can offer, such as gutter cleaning and unblocking, as well as gutter repairs such as repair of cracked sections, repair of damaged seals and of leaky joints. We can also fully replace your gutter if required, if you have extensive damage or even if you have cast iron gutters and want modern PVC guttering. Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning and Repairs Sittingbourne can truly do any and all guttering work for you.

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Sittingbourne and our area

We are a family run, local company and that is why we can cover Sittingbourne and the whole surrounding area with our speedy same day service, so that you don’t have to wait to get the guttering of your dreams. You are incredibly important to us, and that is why we have a dedication to providing the highest quality service at the lowest price possible. So if you are looking for the best gutter specialists in the Sittingbourne area, then call us now on 01795 718 128!

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