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Welcome Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning and Repairs King’s Lynn, a local business that has been providing high quality gutter services to King’s Lynn and across the rest of West Norfolk. We have on offer a range of gutter services such as gutter unblocking, gutter repair, gutter replacement, and gutter cleaning. Overall, we provide a comprehensive maintenance service to commercial and residential properties that targets every possible problem you may have with your gutters. If you would like to find out how we can help, you can arrange a same day gutter evaluation with a gutter expert that will be able to provide you with a tailored plan and corresponding price. You can be confident that this price will be the lowest in the area but if you find a more competitive price, please let us know and we will beat it. 

Gutter cleaning King’s Lynn 

Here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning King’s Lynn we are very enthusiastic about transforming the dirtiest and most clogged up gutters into fully functioning and sparkling clean gutters. We cannot stress enough the importance of having properly draining gutters at your property. Over the course of the year, as seasons and the weather changes, things such as foliage, moss and dirt build up in your gutters. This can ultimately be washed down into your down pipes where blockages can form. These blockages can cause damage to the gutters themselves as well as the rest of the property. Unfortunately, the cost of these repairs is far more expensive than a simple gutter clean. This is why here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning King’s Lynn we recommend that our customers book a regular gutter cleaning appointment to avoid any unexpected gutter repairs. 

Gutter repair and replacement King’s Lynn 

We not only provide quality gutter cleaning services, here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning and Repairs King’s Lynn we also specialise in the affordable repair and replacement of gutters and down pipes. We understand that damaged or very worn gutters and down pipes can cause stress as they are no longer draining your property. We can get a gutter technician out to you as soon as today to provide you with a repair or replacement plan for free as well as a no obligation quote. 

Keeping King’s Lynn gutters in top condition 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning and Repairs King’s Lynn has been helping maintain gutters in King’s Lynn and across West Norfolk in the best possible condition for many years now. We are very lucky to be able to service a community that has so much on offer to its locals. Its heritage is evident by an amazing array of historical buildings across the town as well as two wonderful marketplaces such as Saturday Market Place and Tuesday Market Place which are some of England’s most magnificent squares. Leave the gutter servicing to us here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning and Repairs King’s Lynn by calling us today on 01553 605 448.





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