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Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Kilmarnock is the local solution to a variety of gutter problems you may be having. Are you having trouble with slow or blocked gutters? Do you need your gutters repairs? Are your gutters old and rickety and need repairs? Whatever your problem may be, you can be confident that our gutter technicians at Mike Harris will supply a solution that will not break the bank. We are dedicated to providing professional gutter services at low prices. This is why we will beat any other quote from another gutter servicing company. Just call our Kilmarnock office today to speak to a helpful customer advisor. They will book you in for a free gutter service evaluation and no obligation quote.  

Gutter Cleaning Kilmarnock 

At Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Kilmarnock, we strongly suggest to all our customers to book in regular gutter cleaning and maintenance visits. This is important in providing your property, both commercial and residential, with adequate drainage. We recommend that this takes place at least once a year but more if the property is situated in a green area with a lot of foliage. This is because bio matter like moss, leaves and dirt can build up and mix with the rainfall to create sludge. This sludge has the potential to block your down pipes, leading to further unnecessary costs down the line to both the gutters and the property. Many of our customers are surprised with the difference a good clean can make. You can be too if you ask our gutter technician to take before and after photos. 

Gutter Repairs and Replacement in Kilmarnock 

Sometimes gutter and down pipes have become damaged or worn. This is something we can also deal with in an effective way. After your free evaluation and no obligation quote, your gutter technician will work in a safe and efficient way to provide you with professionally fitted gutters that will stand the test of time. We use durable high-quality PVC gutters and down pipes that provide high flow. This is extra useful in places like the UK where there is a lot of rainfall. These comes in the colours white, black, or brown. Old cast iron gutters can also be replaced with no rust bran new PVC gutters. 

Servicing Kilmarnock Gutters all year round 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Kilmarnock is very glad to be making so many customers in the Ayrshire area happy with their gutter services. We are very fortunate to be able to give back to such a constantly changing and growing community. Kilmarnock is very much a manufacturing town historically. It was well known for its bonnet making, then carpet manufacturing and, more recently, the Johnnie Walker whisky factory. Nowadays, the Johnnie Walker Hill Street plant is the site for the Kilmarnock Collage that is a beautiful educational establishment for our youth. We work hard for our clients, so they don’t have to. Trust us with your gutters, call today on 01563 596 916. 

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