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Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Kidderminster is a locally based company that offers professional gutter servicing to Kidderminster and across Worcestershire. Our services are tailored to each and every property, both residential and commercial. Our technicians are trained in the safe provision of high standard professional gutter services. These include gutter cleaning, gutter repair, gutter replacement, and gutter unblocking. If you would like to enquire about our services or to book your free home consultation with a gutter expert, call our Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Kidderminster office today. We provide the best quality services at the most competitive prices in Kidderminster. However, if you find a better quote, let a member of our team know and we will do our best to beat it. 

Gutter cleaning Kidderminster 

Mike Harris gutter cleaning Kidderminster is your number one solution for dirty and clogged gutters and down pipes. We strongly advise all our customers to book regular gutter cleaning appointments to make sure that their property, both residential and commercial, gets enough drainage. This is particularly important throughout the winter months when there is not only a higher build-up of foliage in the gutters but also a higher level of rainfall. This can lead to your gutters becoming blocked which can cause damage to both the gutters as well as the property. To avoid damage occurring and all the expenses that come with that, here at Mike Harris gutter cleaning Kidderminster we recommend you book a regular gutter cleaning session.

Gutter repair and replacement Kidderminster 

In addition to our gutter cleaning services, Mike Harris gutter cleaning Kidderminster offers comprehensive gutter repairs and replacements. If your gutters have become damaged accidentally or due to weather or if they have simply become worn and rickety with time, then you have come to the right place. When you book your free gutter evaluation our gutter expert will provide you with a plan that is tailored to your property as well as a corresponding price. This means you will not have to pay more than is necessary for your bespoke service. We can provide you with a variety of durable PVC gutters that come and brown, white, black, and grey which in our experience suits most properties. 

Keeping gutters in Kidderminster clean 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Kidderminster is a local company that has been servicing gutters for a long time now. We have many happy customers who are often surprised at the difference a good clean or repair can make to their property. You can also ask for before and after photos when our engineer comes to visit you. We are very lucky to live in such an interesting place such as Kidderminster that has activities Such as the West Midland safari park, Hartlebury Castle or even the Museum of Carpet. You can confidently leave the gutter servicing to Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Kidderminster by calling today on 01562 542 967. 

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