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Welcome to Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Hastings, the number one solution to all your gutter needs. We are a team of trained gutter technicians that provides its services to both residential and commercial properties in Hastings and the surrounding areas. We mainly specialise in gutter cleaning, gutter unblocking, gutter replacement and gutter repair. We work in a clean, safe end efficient way to provide you with professional gutter solutions. You will never have to worry about getting up high wobbly ladders with old leaky garden hoses and buckets. You can confidently delegate your gutters to us at Mike Harris. To book your free gutter evaluation to receive your tailored plan and no obligation quote call our local Hastings office today. 

Gutter Cleaning Hastings 

At Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Hasting, we are well equipped to tackle even the most challenging dirty and blocked gutters. If you decide to book a gutter cleaning appointment, our gutter technician will thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your gutters and down pipes as well as the fascia in a methodical way. We place emphasis on carefully working around your property and grounds to make sure that no mess or damage is left behind. Here at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning we recommend our customers get their gutters cleaned regularly, ideally, we say this should be once a year. This may be more if you live in a leafy area with a lot of trees and greenery. Doing so will prevent blockages forming that can be damaging to both your gutters and property. These can also incur higher expenses than a simple regular gutter clean in the future. 

Gutter repair and replacement Hastings

We are also skilled in providing professional gutter repair and replacements services to residential and commercial buildings. Gutters can get easily damaged by rough weather, structural trauma or simply wear and tear. If you would like to find out what we can do for you, do not hesitate to call our Hastings office to get a free gutter evaluation from a trained gutter technician. They will be able to provide you with a tailored gutter repair or replacement plan alongside a personalised quote. This means you will not have to pay unnecessary money and you get exactly what you pay for. We have a variety of gutters and down pipes in stock such as our durable PVC ones that come in white, brown and black and tend to suit most properties. 

Keeping gutters maintained in Hastings 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Hastings has been operating in the area for many years now. We provide our services to Hastings and the majority of East Sussex for both residential and commercial properties. We are very lucky to be based in beautiful area that has things like the Hastings Castle, Hasting Pier and Hastings Country Park for locals and visitors to enjoy throughout the seasons. Meanwhile, you can confidently leave the gutter servicing to us by calling our Hastings office today on 01424 230 163.

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