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At Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Harrogate we pride ourselves on providing the number one gutter cleaning service in the area. Regardless of your property we are fully equipped to offer our services. There are a number of issues you could face with blocked gutters. Including structural damage, mould or wet rot. Therefore it is vital for you to get your gutters cleaned.

Further, we use powerful vacuum units and lightweight poles at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Cannock to ensure we clear your gutters thoroughly . Therefore allowing us to clean gutters of a height up to 60ft without any ladders.

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Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Cannock. Guttering is used on properties to direct unwanted rainwater from your roof, over time gutters can gather dry leaves, collect moss, develop mould or dislodged slates can become trapped. If too much debris gathers in the gutter, it will trap or reduce the drainage of water. Trapping of water causes iron gutters to rust or break away. Additionally, in the winter months if water does not drain from the gutter it can lead to ice damage. Icing may force you to replace the gutter. Nesting birds, some insects or wasps may decide to build nests among the debris trapped in the gutter leading to additional problems. Our website Guttering Glasgow page will give you useful repair information.

Top-quality equipment

Our mighty vacuum units are created using an industrial grade wet vacuum cleaner. This is attached to poles which lets us lift any leaves, moss and debris from the gutters easily.  To guarantee our engineers provide the greatest quality service we have cameras mounted at the top of the poles. Therefore letting the operative to monitor the video and offer a complete clean effectively, quickly and safely.  Statistics show that one of the greatest risks in industrial accident rates is working from heights. However, we offer a safer option thanks to our vacuum units.

Gutter Cleaning Harrogate

Do you use a ladder? The maintenance of gutters is mainly done using the new ‘Gutter Vac System’ aided by the use of video recording. Formerly isolated areas over conservatories can now be scrubbed from the ground. However, there are occasions the ladder still comes out!

Gutter Repairs and Replacements

Payment for national homes can be made online in advance (Proforma) or on the day, though, if you are not available on the day and payment has not been made the work will not be completed and will have to be rescheduled for the next available week in that area.

Importantly, we are the local specialists in gutter cleaning. We advise you get your gutters clean frequently to prevent the build-up of things like dirt, leaves, moss and objects. These can accumulate over time, causing your gutters to become weighed down and your down pipes becoming blocked. This can lead to more costly repair costs down the line that can be avoided with a regular gutter cleaning. In the same way you would make sure your car has normal repairing, so should you make sure your gutters are fully cleaned at least once a year.


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