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We are Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Clacton On Sea, the industry leaders for any kind of gutter servicing that you may require. We have been carrying out gutter cleaning and repairs in this area for many years now, and over all that time, we have listened carefully to what our customers have said about us and the work we do, so that we can now proudly say that we have refined our services to the highest standard possible. Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Clacton On Sea can clean and unblock dirty or blocked guttering, and we can also do a wide range of repairs, such as replacing cracked sections, sealing leaky joints and fixing damaged seals. We can also completely replace your guttering if it is too damaged, or if you have cast iron gutters that you wish to update to the modern PVC guttering as it provides many advantages. 

What Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Clacton On Sea does for you

We offer free, no obligation quotes before the work is done, so that you know exactly what you’re paying, and after the job is done, you also get a fully itemised receipt, so you know what you paid for and what was done. Furthermore, we also provide before and after photos so that you can see the massive difference that our services make to your property. Guttering is a vital aspect of your home, yet many people overlook it and neglect it, which can have serious impacts. Guttering, when ignored, can become filled and blocked and when this happens, they will quickly overflow if it rains. This means that water will pour down the walls of your property and moisture will infiltrate your home, leading to mould and damp forming and growing inside your home. This can seriously negatively impact your health as well as your property’s structural integrity and market value.

What makes Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Clacton On Sea special?

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Clacton On Sea background check and vet all of our gutter specialists so that you can feel safe letting them onto your property, and they are all thoroughly trained and experienced so you know they will carry out the job to the highest standard. We put you first, so we don’t stop until you are 100% satisfied with the work that we have carried out for you. 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Clacton On Sea and the community we serve

We know how vital it is for a company like us to play our role in the community, and we take our role very seriously. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service possible at the most affordable price possible so that we can help our community as much as possible. We hope that by doing that, we can inspire others to also do their role to the best of their ability. If you are looking for any kind of gutter work, don’t hesitate to call us now on 01255 443 772!

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