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Welcome to Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Chatham, the home of guttering services for Chatham and the surrounding area. Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Chatham are truly the industry leaders, and your best choice for all things guttering, no matter what kind of property you have or what kind of problem you are having. We can clean and unblock dirty or filled gutters, as well as carrying out a wide range of repair work such as fixing or replacing cracked sections of guttering, sealing leaky joints and elbows, and repairing and cleaning downpipes. We also offer a total replacement service if you have cast iron gutters that you want to be taken down and replaced with modern, lightweight but durable PVC guttering. 

What makes Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Chatham special?

Unlike other companies that try to trick you with hidden fees and malicious charges, Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Chatham emphasise transparency at every step of the way. When our gutter specialist comes out to your property, he will give you a free, no-obligation quote so that you know exactly how much the work will cost you before it is done, so that there are no surprises afterwards. And even better, after the job is done, we provide you with before and after photos so that you can see the excellent work that our gutter specialist has done, and they also give you a fully itemised receipt so that you know exactly what you’ve paid for.  

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Guttering plays such an important role in your home, and a role that can have disastrous effects when it is not done properly. But despite this, people often ignore and forget it. Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Chatham never forgets. When guttering goes neglected, it can fill up with dirt and leaves and other debris, leading to it becoming blocked, and this means that when it rains, the gutters will fill up with water and overflow. This means that water will cascade over and down the side of your property which can cause moisture to infiltrate your home, leading to mould and damp developing and growing in your home, and this has serious health risks to you and for family, and this is why our services are so important. 

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Chatham And The Area

Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Chatham have been duly serving the Chatham area for many years now, and ever since the beginning, we have worked hard to provide a personal service to all of our customers, as we know that the people of Chatham deserve the best. We are a family-run, local company and that is why we can offer speedy same day service to you in Chatham and the surrounding area. So, no matter what kind of guttering service or work you want done, get it done right first time with Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning  Chatham; just call and make an appointment on 01634 979 475!

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