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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Gutter Clearing Stirling. `We offer our professional gutter clearing service to all of Stirling and the surrounding areas.  You can be assured that all our technicians are all fully trained, qualified and insured. Meaning we can provide you with a fast, friendly and efficient service. 

Our gutter cleaners are the best in Stirling and guarantee to provide you with the highest quality service possible.  This has allowed us to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate and exceed industry standards.  

Why you need Mike Harris gutter clearing Stirling 

Blocked gutters can cause major damage to your property. This is why it is vital for you to get them cleaned. Many property owners overlook gutters allowing them to become overgrown and blocked. However, this can lead to a number of problems.  For instance, wet rot, mould, damp and structural damage. In order to avoid this we highly recommend you have a thorough gutter clean at least twice a year.  

Since we have the top quality equipment we can get to those hard-to-reach places such as above conservatories or garages. As well as the inside of your gutters we will clean the outside at Gutter Clearing Stirling. Over time your gutters can build up grime and dirt meaning they don’t look the best. However we can provide a deep clean in order to have your property looking the best it can.  

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Choose Gutter Clearing Stirling 

As we have the latest equipment we can easily clean, repair, and maintain your gutters without the use of scaffolding. Therefore, we can clean your gutters from the ground thus, eliminating the risk of working from heights. Our engineers have years of experience working with a range of properties; therefore we are equipped to meet all of your needs. Additionally, if your self-factor we can easily give you a report both for yourself and your neighbor to review and make decisions on the future of your property.  

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We are always more than happy to help. For all of your gutter needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We ensure that all your gutter problems are completely solved. We provide free after service in case something goes amiss and are always available to help you through gutter problems! You can contact us, either by clicking here and filling in the form, or by giving us a call! 

About Stirling 

Stirling became a significant colony because it is the lowest point on the Forth River. It also includes a rocky outcropping that would be an ideal location for a fort. (The name Stirling comes from the word Striveling, which means “site of strife.”) A royal castle was built on the crag by the 11th century. A community of wooden cottages grew up on its slopes. 

Stirling became a town in the 1120s when the monarch granted the residents a charter. (A charter was a document that stipulated their rights.) Stirling became a royal burgh with its own local government and weekly market. Stirling’s merchants chose a provost to lead the town. Stirling quickly grew into a bustling and influential city. 

The castle rock has been strategically significant since at least the Roman occupation of Britain, due to its naturally defensible crag and tail hill: the bedrock on which Stirling Castle was built. However, if the Romans were ever on the current castle site then they didn’t leave more than a coin or two. Nevertheless, Stirling enjoys a unique position on the border between the Lowlands and Highlands. 

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