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Gutter Clearing Macclesfield is here to help with all your gutter maintenance needs, regardless of what they may be. We also undertake work regarding downpipes, fascia, and any other guttering-related items. It is important to keep your guttering properly maintained to ensure that it can efficiently and effectively move water away from your property as otherwise there is a high chance that the water will make its way into your property and cause immeasurable damage. This damage can be something as relatively minor as growths of moss on the façade of your building or something as major severe electrical damage due to the water shorting your electronics. Mindful of the major damage that damaged guttering can cause, we highly recommend having your guttering maintained regularly, even if there are no obvious signs of blockages or damage.   

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For Gutter Clearing Macclesfieldthe customer is at the heart of all we do, and everything revolves around our customers and their specific needs and desires. We guarantee that we have a time slot that suits you and fits perfectly into your plan. We offer a range of same day visits so with us, you never have to wait long. Furthermore, our gutter specialists will always keep you updated, so you know exactly who to expect and when, removing all ambiguity from the equation. We also provide you with photos of the guttering before and after we carry out any work, meaning that you can see the night and day difference that our services provide. This is also extremely helpful in situations where perhaps the gutter is hard to see or high up and not easily visible from ground level. 

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We do all we can to guarantee that Gutter Clearing Macclesfield has the best prices anywhere on the market. Not only do we not charge a call out fee, but we are willing to price match any written quote you have already received in order to guarantee that we cannot be beaten on price. All our quotes are completely free and no obligation, meaning that you will never feel any pressure to accept a quote and if you choose to turn down the quote, you will not be charged. Accepted quotes can be carried out on a same day service or on another day if you prefer.

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Gutter Clearing Macclesfield has been faithfully serving Macclesfield for many years now and we have always done our absolute best to ensure that no resident of Macclesfield is having issues with their guttering or downpipes. Being local comes with many advantages that other companies simply cannot offer, such as our swift same day service and lower prices as our gutter specialists are local and thus don’t have to travel far. We are passionate about serving Macclesfield and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your gutters are clean, free of blockages and functioning as it should.  

The hilly alleys of Macclesfield are steeped in history, particularly from the boom years of the 18th and early 19th centuries, when the town was known for its silk industry. Walking around them reveals a rich history of Georgian terraces and chapels, surviving mills, and Victorian Gothic churches — as well as unexpected far-reaching views out to the hills in the spaces between them. 


Not that the town is locked in the past; in recent years, the monthly Treacle Market and the resurrected Barnaby Festival have helped breathe new life into the old town, making it a great destination to spend a few days. 

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