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Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Blackpool gives a knowledgeable and low-cost service that stops your guttering from functioning correctly by reducing debris and blockages. Also, we only ever use a ladder-based system for saving gutters, whereby we can lessen the wreckage by hand. In the areas that we can get entry to using ladders, we take a photo of the clean gutters for you. Consequently, you can see that the jobs being finished correctly. Moreover, all our work is protected by a three-month guarantee. If any areas of guttering, get blocked up again within three months we will come back and re-clear it for you for free.

Gutter Cleaning

Do you use a ladder? The maintenance of gutters is mainly done using the new ‘Gutter Vac System’ aided using video recording. Formerly isolated areas over conservatories can now be cleaned from the ground. However, there are occasions the ladder still comes out!

Gutter Repairs and Replacements

Payment for national homes can be made online in advance (Proforma) or on the day, though, if you are not available on the day and payment has not been made the work will not be completed and will have to be rescheduled for the next available week in that area.

Importantly, we are the local specialists in gutter cleaning. We advise you get your gutters clean frequently to prevent the build-up of things like dirt, leaves, moss and objects. These can accumulate over time, causing your gutters to become weighed down and your down pipes becoming blocked. This can lead to more costly repair costs down the line that can be avoided with a regular gutter cleaning. In the same way you would make sure your car has normal repairing, so should you make sure your gutters are fully cleaned at least once a year.

Our services at Mike Harris Gutter Cleaning Blackpool

Irrespective of your home, and where your gutters are places, we can scrub them with ease. Some of the main problems people have faced with cleaning gutters over the years are they are hard to access. For instance, gutters over additions and conservatories. However, there is no requirement for you to be worried. Thanks to our vacuum systems we can reach these spots easily. Not only that, but we can wash them from the floor. Which therefore removes the needs of ladders, scaffolding etc.

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Give us a call today, and we will be more than pleased to present our knowledge. Whatever your wants, we promise to meet them. Overall, give us a call on 01253 587 978.

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